Free Godot Game Template

Free Godot Game Template

I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired or copying and pasting code from old projects when I start a new one... or worse, rewriting the same boilerplate code over and over again.

Well, no more. I finally got organized and you can reap the benefits too 😄

As of this writing, my Godot Game Template comes with the following features:

  1. SceneManager - Handle loading progress, display transitions, and pass data between scenes with a just a line of code or two. (based off my earlier SceneManager project - itch | GitHub | YouTube: Ep1, EP2)
  2. Settings Menu - Control and save music/sfx volume and a few other common settings. Auto-saves choices to player prefs file
  3. Save System - In this first version I've written a JSONLoader wrapper that you can extend to easily save any sort of data you want. It's not designed for massive projects, but could be used for that if you'd really like. More save system features coming in future versions
  4. Other Stuff - I've got a stock start screen and a few other little common items in there as well.

If you'd like a full tour of the Godot Game Template, check out the video below 👇

Download this Godot Game Template for free on:

I hope it allows you to get into making your game faster and makes game development more enjoyable. If you have feature requests, feel free to drop me a note on GitHub or join the conversation in the Bacon and Games Discord... there are lots of cut pet photos like this one:

And if you'd like a quick overview of how to make your game development easier with GitHub Templates, check out this video too.