FREE Godot Todo Manager

FREE Godot Todo Manager

We all have lots of todo lists in our lives, arguably more than we need. We've got the ones built into our phones, the whiteboard on the fridge, the sticky notes on our monitors and probably half a dozen others like Trello or Todoist all fighting to keep us on track.

So why do you need one more?

This Todo Manager plugin for Godot is about far more than just remembering what you have on your plate. And it does all from right where you're working so that you can stay in the flow.

What follows isn't a deep tutorial on how this Todo Manager works. Rather, it's an account of the methodology that I use to stay focused on the right things at the right time... in the right order.

I use it to keep me from going down rabbit holes that might be valuable later but are a distraction in the moment.

What This Video Covers

  1. Quick overview of how Todo Manager for Godot works (0:32)
  2. Using the todo keyword to track tasks (0:53)
  3. Using the Temp keyword to keep moving (1:28)
  4. Using the Hack keyword to avoid pitfalls (1:50)
  5. Using the Bug keyword to track issues (2:23)
  6. Using the Optimize keyword to avoid unnecessary work (2:58)
  7. How this saves me time and gets me out of my own way (4:00)
  8. Using the next keyword to be kind to your future self (5:02)
  9. Where to get it and how to install it (6:15)