Interview with Legendary Flash Dev John Cooney (jmtb02)

Interview with Legendary Flash Dev John Cooney (jmtb02)

Recently I sat down to talk with John Cooney, legendary Flash game designer behind dozens of memorable Flash games.

We covered a lot of topics ranging from the good ol' days of Flash and how they differ from today's indie game scene (and how they're the same) to how staying true to your vision as a designer can fuel some really interesting work.

Chapters from the Video

  1. Finding your voice (7:30)
  2. Designing with passion (14:51)
  3. What's today's analogy to the Flash Community/Scene (22:32)
  4. The feedback loop with your players (26:04)
  5. Fan favorite games (31:40)
  6. Learning vs. expressing (41:32)
  7. Why he's going the Kickstarter route with his new project (46:36)
  8. Connecting with your audience (53:26)
  9. Processing player feedback (59:21)
  10. Advice for indie devs (1:17:35)

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