Your First Conversation with a Game Publisher (4/5)

Your First Conversation with a Game Publisher (4/5)

Going into your first meeting with a publisher, which could be in person or on a call, you'll benefit immensely from understanding what they want out of this conversation.

This isn't to say that your goals don't matter, they do... in fact they matter exactly as much. (remember what I said in the first installment about valuing what you're bringing to the table?).

So you'll have to plan to get out of that call what you need while making sure to hit upon the stuff they need.

This Video Covers

  • The publisher's goals (0:23)
  • Goals and questions you should have in mind (2:29)
  • How to correctly say "no" (4:55)

Next Up: Negotiations

The final video in this series will cover negotiating a deal with a publisher.

Negotiating with Game Publishers (5/5)
If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! Few indies get to the contract negotiation phase. This video covers some common questions and pitfalls indies run into at this step.