When is Your Indie Game Ready to Pitch to Publishers? (3/5)

When is Your Indie Game Ready to Pitch to Publishers? (3/5)

You're an indie game developer. You've been working on your project for a while... but you still don't feel like it's quite ready to show to a publisher.

Sound familiar?

There are 4 major phases of your game's development cycle that developers tend to pitch their game at.

Spoiler Alert: In the video below you'll find that you can pitch at any of those stages. You just have to know how to talk about what you have at that stage. Context is key.

And whether pitching at any given stage is right for you will depend on things like:

  • Your level of experience shipping commercial games
  • The type of publisher you're speaking to
  • How much money you're asking for
  • Your launch window

Key Points from this Video

  • Pitching at the design doc stage (0:37)
  • Pitching with a prototype (1:30)
  • Pitching your pre-alpha build (2:35)
  • Pitching with a vertical slice (4:17)

Up Next: Preparing for the First Meeting

The next video on the series addresses preparing for and having your first live conversation with a game publisher.

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